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follows five German women (between 22 and 61 years old) attending cowgirl-boot camp in Colorado/USA. Together they experience laughter and tears, heartfelt friendship and tragedy, fierce competition, extreme weather conditions and tough physical work. After only three weeks the women compete in a rodeo and manage to drive 1200 cattle for days across the mountains - a unique adventure in Marlboro Country!


Curlers Against Misery
This is no joke: American women set up the first Western beauty school in Kabul designed to “help Afghani women to regain confidence” – and to generate an independent income from opening and running beauty parlors, eventually all over Afghanistan. Curlers against Misery takes a look at this unusual kind of development aid – and at cultural misunderstandings despite good intentions.


Tree Woman

tells the amazing story of 24 year-old Julia Butterfly Hill, who risked her life to save a 1500 year-old Redwood tree in Northern California. The tree she calls “Luna” was scheduled for destruction when Julia climbed up 180 feet and refused to come down for over two years. Her resistance against one of the biggest lumber companies in North America inspired a dramatic standoff.